About Ksenia

Kharkov, USSR

Born in Kharkov in 1973, out of a traditional Russian father and a Jewish mother, Ksenia spent her early youth in Leningrad in the USSR. Her father is a math teacher, while her mother being a professional composer and musician. Ksenia grew up in a very culturally rich environment.
After the marriage broke up, with her mother Ksenia moved to Kharkov where they – being a Jewish family – fell victim to a nasty anti-semantic environment. It forced them to flee the country in which they were born and to take refuge in Israël.
In Kharkov Ksenia had been performing as a singer and guitarplayer on the streets, while practicing martial arts. She continued that in Israël, where she also learned Hebrew.
In 1995 she moved to Amsterdam, The Netherlands to train martial arts at Thom Harinck’s famous Chakuriki Gym with world champions like Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost and Lucia Rijker.
After marriage and becoming a mother she took up professional acting and discovered Grotowski’s physical acting where she was able to combine her cultural and musical background with her martial arts experience. It resulted in the creation of “Strannik”, a 60 minute solo-performance in search of Meaning which she played for 18 months.
During her full three years study of Meisner technique at the Meisner academy she developed the 45 minutes solo show ‘The Coat’ about ‘people and war’, which saw very successful tryouts in Belgium (Antwerp and Zundert) and The Netherlands (Zwolle, Venlo, Nijkerk, Sneek) before corona lockdown shut the country down for over a year.